Hello, and welcome to my website! It's still under construction – but then, aren't they all? It's more so than usual at the moment, because I'm moving everything over form Perl and Mojolicious to Ruby and Rails. This page is a placeholder while I set up my content.

By day I'm a programmer, mostly Ruby these days, but I've also worked extensively with Perl and done some Python, HTML, MySQL, Javascript, and various languages and tools. These days I'm a devops engineer for a company you've heard of and may use their products, maintaining a fleet of Linux servers.

By night I'm a radio ham, I play the banjo and write songs, I speak and read Esperanto, and of course maintain my own set of servers (including this one, lambard.net). My wife jokes that I belong to the "Hobby Of The Month Club" and if I take up any pursuits that sound like people might be interested in them, I'll put up pages for them as well.

Thanks for stopping by! Next time you come by, I'll have more content and be better organized. #notnecessarilyafactualstatement
-- Creede Lambard
   Shoreline, Washington (or as I like to call it, “Baja B.C.”)

Random Links:

Here's my most recent resume which you can get as a DOC file (suitable for Microsoft Word), an ODT file (suitable for OpenOffice or LibreOffice), or a PDF document (suitable for viewing outside a word processor).

And here's a link to my JIST card (PDF only). What's a JIST card? this page will give you an overview. Think of it as a mini-resume.

My GPG public key – it may come in handy someday.

It's back! My world-famous-in-Seattle computerized magic trick! Now Railsified. OK, maybe it doesn't really read your mind, but can you figure out how it's done?

You can find me on Google+, where I post as +Creede Lambard. I also have a couple of Twitter accounts, like @Omir55 for general purpose tweeting and @WA7KPK for ham radio stuff, but I haven't updated them in a very long time. Same with LiveJournal and Dreamwidth. I don't do Facebook. Maybe someday I'll explain why.