Filk is the music of science fiction fandom. Originally it started out as homage to our favorite books, movies and TV shows, but these days it covers a wider range, from cats to computers to humor and parody and everything in between.
I first get started in filk back in about 1980 or so but dropped out after a few years for a number of reasons. In 2003 I bought a banjo, something I had wanted to do for a long time, and taught myself to play. Four years later I brought the banjo to a filk circle at Norwescon, and things haven't been the same since.
These days I go to conventions up and down the West Coast, playing my banjo, singing my songs and having a good time, whoever I'm with, wherever I am. Check the bottom of the page for a list of the cons I would like to attend during the 2015 con season after taking most of the last two years off due to lack of funds.
I will soon someday have some chord sheets for my songs to put up here, and hopefully a few MP3s; in the meantime, here's a recording of my song Dark Lullaby from the Conflikt 4 commemorative CD. That's the lovely and talented C. D. Woodbury on guitar, who was Conflikt VI's toastmaster. Enjoy.

West Coast Filk and SF Conventions, 2015

Will I attend any of these? Who knows? But after having had to take a couple of years off because of flat-brokedness, I hope to get to a few this year.
I'm only listing cons here where there's a chance I might attend. There are numerous other fine west coast cons, like Rustycon and Confluence.
Seatac, WA
January 39-Feb 1
Good heavens, have we already done seven of these? Cecilia Eng is this year's GOH, and the Faerie Tale Minstrel himself, Alexander James Adams, will be the Toastmaster, with Interfilk guest Toyboat.
Seatac, WA
April 2-5
Hoping to be back this year because this is where all my geeky friends hang out and Dara Korra'ti always does a bang-up geek music track. George R. R. Martin is GoH
San Diego, CA
July 2-5
The big peripatetic western science fiction convention, this year combined with San DIego's Conchord filk con. GoH: Spider Robinson
Spokane, WA
I think they're taking the year off because of the next entry . . .
Spokane, WA
August 19-23
Just about the biggest thing in SF fandom this and every year. Tom Smith (former Conflikt GoH) is one of the Guests of Honor.
Vancouver (ish), BC
October 2-4
I always have a good time when I go to VCon. Not much on their website yet.
Portland, OR
November 20-22
A gencon with a great filk track built out of Wotto and potrzebie by Daniel Reitman and Andrew Ross.