Since I first got my hands on a computer I've known that I wanted to make my living with them. I've progressed through sales (ugh), technical support (not bad at the time but still not my favorite), building software (not my cut of tea), programming (yay!) and several other sub-branches of computer technology, until finally I've settled into developer operationsdevops for short. That means that not only do I create, provision, maintain and secure systems, both physical and virtual, I write programs and script to automate the process.
Currently I am a devops engineer for AT&T Mobility, meaning that if you develop applications for their smartphones, you touch something I've had a hand in putting together.
I started with Basic many years ago and learned how to write Perl scripts soon after I first started contracting at Microsoft in 1996. About three years ago I first heard of Ruby and its offspring, the web development framework Ruby on Rails. Soon after I switched over to writing Ruby scripts full time and these days it's my language of choice. I'm currently maintaining three Rails-based websites, including this one and an internal website at work that keeps track of our fleet of servers.
I also occasionally work on open source projects, including “hamutils”, a Ruby gem that provides some useful functions for people writing Ruby scripts for radio hams.
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